Passive income from Url Shorteners. Earn even 100% more!

The most of Url Shorteners pay only for 1 view from single IP in 24h period. So what will happen if your users will make more views? You will lose these views and views mean's money. What you can do with that? Here comes LinkSpy. LinkSpy is an Ad Server for Url Shorteners. It allows to use many url shorteners at once. The result of traffic rotation is more paid views and better rates which will ensure higher earnings. LinkSpy cares about choosing the right shortener for current user taking in the consideration the rate per country and limit of paid impressions per 1 IP. You only have to link few url shorteners and place Full Page Script on your website, LinkSpy will do the rest. Depending on your traffic you should gain from 30% to even more than 100% more revenue. So what are you waiting for? Test it today and start earning real money!

How to start?

  • Create LinkSpy's account
  • Link url shorteners accounts (just set API keys)
  • Place Full Page Script on your website
  • LinkSpy will automatically process chosen links
  • LinkSpy will rotate your traffic to maximize your revenue

LinkSpy benefits:

  1. No usage fees!
  2. Paid views growth
  3. Rates optimization
  4. Rates and Capping customization
  5. Real time statistics

More paid views

Higher CPM

Traffic control

Higher income

Frequently asked questions

No, LinkSpy is an ad server for url shorteners and it's main function is to rotate traffic between url shorteners. You'll get payments from url shorteners that you use with LinkSpy.
It depends on your traffic, we advice to start with minimum 3 shorteners. More traffic you have more shorteners should be used. We advice to use Traffic Optimizer.
It mostly depends on your traffic, how many hits from a single IP do you have, what country are your users located in, etc. You can gain more than 100% of your current revenue.
We don't have any limits but the more traffic you have, the more significant your revenue gain will be.
LinkSpy is free of charge.
We have many satisfied publishers. Test the LinkSpy service and you will never want to live without it. It really works!